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Daniel Mayor

Director of ESMACA, the Macrobiotic School of Barcelona in Spain for almost 10 years. Hundreds of students come each year to get trained with him to transform their lives and also to get a certification as macrobiotic counsellors. He is also an active participant in many European Macrobiotic Events as a teacher and lecturer.

Edward Esko

Edward Esko is one of the world’s most active contemporary macrobiotic teachers. Over the past four decades, he has lectured and counseled in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and throughout North America, including at the United Nations, and has written and edited numerous books and articles. He has served as Executive Director of the East West Foundation and Director of Education at the Kushi Institute. He is the founder of the International Macrobiotic Institute (IMI), and serves on the Board of Planetary Health, Inc., sponsor of the annual Macrobiotic Summer Conference.

Christina Pirello

Christina is one of America’s preeminent authorities on a healthier lifestyle utilizing natural and whole foods.

She would put to its test at age 26 when she was diagnosed with terminal leukemia.
Today, almost 30 years after her illness, Christina is a glowing example and inspiration on the power that food choices have an overall impact on health and well-being.
Utilizing her internationally-respected, Emmy Award winning TV show “Christina Cooks" and her many books she hopes to change the health of the world one meal at a time.

Robert Pirello

Robert was into macrobiotics, but when he read an article about Dr. Anthony Sattillero and his remarkable recovery from cancer through macrobiotics, he was totally in. He began studying, from cooking classes to the Kushi Institute levels of understanding to spiritual training with Michio himself.
His understanding of macrobiotics deepened as did his commitment to it. He cooked all his meals based on his understanding and found that it fueled his running.
Robert met Christina and worked with her to help her recover from leukemia and watching her heal deepened his belief and commitment in macrobiotics even more.

Naomi Ichikawa Esko

Naomi Ichikawa Esko is a 2010 graduate of the Kushi Institute. She is the founder of Macrobiotics-Japan.com in Tokyo, and teaches macrobiotic cooking, Shiatsu, energy and meridian healing, and Japanese culture in the United States and around the world, most recently in the United Arab Emirates (UAE.) She is
the author of Smart Vegan: Recipes from Naomi’s Kitchen (IMI Press.)

Bashar Antoun

He is one of the teachers of IMI in Dubai. Bashar has been actively involved in spreading awareness about healthy diet and lifestyle in the Arab world for many years. He was mainly focusing on the effect of food on body, mind and emotions. 

Bashar studied with many macrobiotic teachers and leaders, including: Mariam Nour, Edward Esko, David Briscoe and more. To help this message, Bashar started giving lectures in the local communities and on public TVs.

Together with few friends, he launched a local farmers market, focusing on empowering local organic agriculture and green lifestyle. Recently he started teaching the IMI Online Macrobiotic Course in Arabic in addition to launching a cooking course based on the Five Transformations.

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