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A Global Gathering

to Celebrate

Food, Fun, Health

& Community


JUNE 2019



A Global Gathering to Celebrate Food, Fun,

Health & Community


If you want to take a moment for yourself, to enjoy a warm, healthy and relaxed environment, along with those who share your values.

If you want to learn how to improve your lifestyle so you will be healthier, happier and in harmony, this is your place, this is "Viva  Macrobiótica".

Viva Macrobiótica will offer a comprehensive introduction to the macrobiotic way of life, with studies, vegan macrobiotic meals, and a quality lifetime experience.

Included in Viva Macrobiótica is a Teacher Training Program that continues the tradition of teacher and counselor training started by Michio Kushi.

The purpose of Teacher Training is to develop macrobiotic teachers and counselors capable of guiding individuals, families, and society toward health and happiness.

Open to everyone

Viva Macrobiótica is open to everyone. Those who would like to learn more about the endless possibilities macrobiotics has to offer are encouraged to participate in the multiple events you will find in VIVA MACROBIOTICA.

The Teacher Training sessions are offered for all those who are currently teaching macrobiotics or who are working in macrobiotic-related fields such as wholefoods or vegan cooking, natural food enterprises or companies, and holistic healing.

A look at our special features...


Public Program

  • Daily Lectures on topics relevant to macrobiotics today, focusing on Food as Medicine, Macrobiotic Diagnosis, Healing with Energy, Standard Macrobiotic Diet & Nutrition, Prevention & Recovery from Sickness, 21 st Century Challenges, and others
  • Daily cooking classes to guide you in preparing balanced and healthful meals
  • Daily yoga and energy balancing exercises
  • Three daily macrobiotic vegan meals prepared by expert chefs
  • Social events and networking oportunities
  • Macrobiotic Dietary Counseling, Shiatsu massage, and other healing sessions tailored to your needs

Teacher Training

  • Guidance on beginning and conducting successful educational programs and using social media
  • How to develop yourself as a macrobiotic counselor, teacher, and chef, including how to balance all aspects of life and health
  • Guidance on beginning and conducting successful educational programs and using social media
  • How to accurately select, prepare, and use macrobiotic remedies
  • Review of your teaching and cooking presentations (for qualified participants)
  • Observing and learning from live counseling sessions (for qualified participants)
  • Review of case studies

Vegan macrobiotic meals with a light mediterranean touch

Lectures and cooking classes with world-class faculty.

Nice and fun atmosphere sharing experiences and happiness.



VIVA MACROBIOTICA brings together renowned and experienced teachers in macrobiotics and healthy lifestyle from around the world.

Learning with them not only will give you a wider vision of health, peace, and freedom but also will help you gain practical skills for self-knowledge and healing.



Viva Macrobiótica will be held at ESMACA (Escola Macrobiótica de Catalunya) in Barcelona, in association with the International Macrobiotic Institute (IMI) in Massachusetts and Christina Cooks.

Barcelona is one of the most touristic cities in the world, with a great variety of monuments and museums, landscapes and daily activities. The weather in June will make this gathering even better.

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International Macrobiotic Institute (IMI)

Christina Cooks


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